Welcome Stranger!

Blog Online!

(in french only)

This is my first web-site, encoded entirely by hand, I learn in as, so be forgiving.
For the moment it's a bit empty (many?), but, I hope, you will quickly be surprised.

This site aims to share my passion.
In first time, I will try to present my Biohazard - Resident Evil collection by Capcom.

I will not try to make an exhaustive list of products dedicated to the series,
others make it much better than me!

In the future, I hope to make much more interactive website, adding many features.
Currently underway, creating a blog where you will find all the news from my collection.
Namely all arrivals daily, trade sales, etc ...
A "Search" function to quickly find a specific subject or item.
The ability to add comments, etc.

I hope you take as much pleasure viewing the site that I took to create and format it.
Which is not easy, as you can imagine!

Feel free to give me your opinion, it's always fun. ;)
Truce useless talk, I let you explore my "Memories".

I'm sorry for my bad english. ;)